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Certainly, you’ve heard the saying: “No foot, no horse”, but what does it really mean? Studies show that approximately 60% of all lameness issues originate in the foot. Improper farrier care is among the most frequent reasons for decreased performance in the equine athlete.

The Equine Center, in collaboration with local farriers, provides the most advanced hoof balance and shoeing techniques. Using modern digital radiography and artificial intelligence software, our veterinarians are able to provide farriers with detailed recommendations, based on the results of these studies. The service is available in-hospital or at the field.


  • Radiographs provide information about abnormalities
  • Artificial Intelligence software analyzes and measures hoof angles
  • Veterinarian-devised treatment strategy
  • Solution for difficult chronic cases
  • Allows for monitoring of therapeutic shoeing efficacy
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Prevent lameness and injury resulting from imbalance

The Equine Center’s Metron Intelect Neural Network Module is able to calculate various different angles of each foot and is able to generate 3D models of the proper hoof and foot conformation, based on a vast amount of scientific data.

Over the years we have been able to consistently improve athletic performance and decrease incidence of lameness in all breeds and disciplines. Some conditions that can be avoided using radiographic guided shoeing include; bowed tendons, dropped fetlocks, fractured sesamoid bones, navicular syndrome, injured flexor tendons, injured suspensory ligament, road founder, and traumatic fractures.