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Inertial Motion Detector System

The output data from a lameness locator exam.

The Lameness Locator® enables the veterinarian to objectively measure lameness in horses with non-invasive inertial sensors.  The system provides an analysis that indicates whether the horse is lame, the severity of the lameness, the limb or limbs involved, and the part of the motion cycle at which peak pain is occurring.

The system is designed to aid the practicing equine veterinarian for use during a normal lameness evaluation. It does not replace the skills and experience developed by the Veterinarian, it simply offers an objective, precise and accurate assessment of body movement specifically related to lameness in the horse.


  • Horses with mild lameness. Horses with apparent multiple limb lameness.
  • Horses with apparent compensatory lameness.
  • Quantifying the effectiveness of nerve and joint blocks.
  • Confirming the incidental nature of equivocal imaging abnormalities
  • Developing a further diagnostic approach based on the type of lameness (impact, pushoff) exhibited.
  • Documenting soundness in pre-purchase evaluations

Over 60 universities around the globe, including 80% of all North American veterinary teaching hospitals, are training the next generation of doctors with Equinosis® Inertial Motion Detector technology.

The Lameness Locator® analysis uses the motion data transmitted by the sensors and algorithms developed from research at the University of Missouri. That research utilized treadmills and high-speed cameras to mathematically characterize normal and impaired gait, measuring vertical acceleration of the torso to determine asymmetries in head and pelvic position between left and right halves of stride. Translational research adapted the analysis to be used as a convenient, robust, miniaturized system in the field. The horse is trotted and data is transmitted wirelessly in real time. The comprehensive lameness assessment is immediately available to the practitioner..