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State of the art breeding services for mares and stallions

You get but a few chances each year to begin a viable pregnancy and one chance a year for a successful outcome. Getting the best reproductive care available is a priority.

Quick Look at our services

  • Mare care from breeding to foaling
  • Semen collection, evaluation, shipping, freezing and storage
  • Infertility work ups for mares and stallions
  • Embryo transfer, Oocyte retrieval, In vitro embryo production (ICSI)
  • All mare breeding services- AI- fresh or frozen

For the last fifteen years breeders on the central coast have depended on The Equine Center to be there from beginning to end and it has been our pleasure to see the results.

Whether you are one of our large commercial breeding farms or breeding a mare for the first time The Equine Center is here to make sure your experience is a success.

The Equine Center offers the following services:

Mare Care Available:

  • Breeding Evaluations
  • Infertility work ups and treatment
  • Artificial Insemination (AI) with fresh or frozen semen
  • Mare care from breeding to foaling
  • Twin pregnancies identification and resolution
  • Ultrasonography fetal sexing
  • High risk pre-partum mares
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (ICU) available 24/7

Stallion Care Available:

  • Full management and care
  • Semen collection, evaluation, preparation and shipping
  • Stallion sexual behavior problems investigation and resolution
  • Semen Freezing and storage (Long term and short term)
  • Investigation of infertility
  • Semen shipping – Cooled and Frozen

Other services in conjunction with board certified theriogenologist Dr. Joy Altermatt:

Innovative Solutions for breeding challenges:

  • Mares for which multiple foals are desired and/or can’t carry a foal to term
  • Mares that have failed conventional embryo transfer programs and/or have severe uterine/cervical abnormalities
  • Sex determination of desired foals
  • Preserving valuable genetics
  • Obtaining foals from deceased mares and stallions or stallions to be castrated

Embryo transfer involves the conventional breeding and collection of mare’s embryos and transfer into a recipient

Oocyte retrieval is an out-patient procedure involving transvaginal ultrasound-guided collection of eggs from mares for the purposes of in vitro embryo production

In Vitro embryo production (intracytoplasmic sperm injection or ICSI) is in vitro equine fertilization involving the microinjection of a sperm (of client’s chosen stallion) into the mare’s egg to aid in the development of an embryo

Embryo genetic sex determination involves the sampling of an embryo to determine sex and potentially, heritable diseases

Fetal sex determination (after 60 days gestation) allows more planning decisions for the client knowing the foal’s sex

Embryo cryopreservation is the freezing of embryos obtained from the mare or in the in vitro process

Testes harvest (sperm collection) includes removing testicles from a deceased stallion (or from conventional castration), collecting epididymal sperm and freezing

Ovary harvest (oocyte collection) includes removing ovaries from a deceased mare (or from conventional ovariectomy), collecting oocytes from follicles, maturing them in vitro and performing ICSI

The Equine Center prides itself on offering progressive solutions for all breeding needs for both stallions and mares.

No matter your need, The Equine Center is ready to help with talented and expert staff offering innovative solutions for your mare or stallion.

Our staff

Emily E Bardo, DVM
Staff DVM

Dr. Emily Bardo is a native Californian who grew up on the coast in Half Moon Bay. She studied Animal Science at Cal Poly SLO and then went on...

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James K Waldsmith, DVM
Practice Owner

Dr. James K. Waldsmith has owned and operated The Equine Center since 1985. His professional interests are thermography, sports medicine, rehabilitation, reproduction and preventive medicine.

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