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Mikayla Reynaud

Mikayla Reynaud comes to our team with passion and drive for our furriest of friends! Mikayla, originally from Los Gatos in the bay area now resides in San Luis Obispo. Mikalya received her Bachelors Degree from Saint Mary’s College of California in Archaeology and Cultural Anthropology specializing in Zooarchaeology. Mikayla hones a unique skillset stemming from a variety of professional experiences in customer service, archaeology, healthcare and photography. Her driving force and dedicated work ethic put her in an exceptional position to better assist our patients and clinic.  During her non working hours she can be found, or not found, getting off the grid exploring other continents, communities and landscapes around the globe creating memories (and outstanding photos to share!). Mikayla would not be the person she is today without the lifelong experience and love for animals which has curated her biggest goal in life towards becoming a vetenarian. Mikayla has been surrounded by horses, dogs, cats (and bears oh my!) since her youngest years, and since then she has only developed and grown a desire to help animals thrive and live happy healthy lives.