TEC offers arena options for all riding disciplines and skill levels.  The upper jump and lower flat arenas are watered and worked regularly to maintain the very best footing for you and your horse.  Both arenas sport Premier Hydro-Keep arena Hydrator to reduce dust and compaction, keeping the footing at its best year round.

TEC offers a conditioning track so boarders can get out of the arena for a trot or gallop.  The conditioning track is approximately ¾ miles in distance and sports rolling terrain to aid in getting your horse fit for competition or to just go out for a fun trail ride.

We offer our clients multiple wash rack and cross-tie options.   Covered cross-ties allow for safe tacking up and grooming. Our clients enjoy ample storage in two large shared tack rooms. Wifi is available in the barn area for our boarders’ convenience as well as a refridgerator.

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Sport Horse Center
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Breeding Center
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TEC offers Pipe Pen boarding in 12 ft x 24 ft pens. These boarding pens have a 12 ft x 12 ft covered area and are fenced with horse wire. All pens are cleaned daily and well bedded with shavings or straw. All horses receive quality specialized care and attention from our team of experienced barn staff. Horses are fed three meals per day of the highest quality feeds, including Strongid C daily dewormer; and enjoy an automatic water system. Rates start at $440.00

All services are available on either a monthly or daily rate depending on your scheduling needs. All services at TEC are highly customizable to meet the special care needs of you and your horse needs. Services available include: feeding of owner provided supplements/grain/medications, blanketing, bandaging, basic grooming/pick feet, hand walking, turnout or hotwalker, treadmill conditioning/rehabilitation.

TEC offers a large roaming pasture options. Horses in the pasture are fed three meals per day of the highest quality feed, including Strongid C daily dewormer with constant access to water from our automatic watering system and stock tank. Rates start at $290.00.

The Equine Center basic boarder maintenance includes: A complete and balanced diet of Hay or Cubes fed 2-3 times daily Daily deworming with Strongid C Mineral Blocks Use of riding facilities- flat arena, jump arena, gallop/conditioning track, hot walker, round pen Tack Room and Tack Lockers (first come, first serve basis) 15% discount on Hospital Services


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Other Services

Treadmill Conditioning Session- $22.00/Session

Treadmill Training Session - $25.00/Session

Conditioning/Exercise Under saddle - $28.00/Session

Hot Walker or Turn Out - $4.00/day a la carte; $3.00/day if on regular service (3-4 days/week); $75.00/Monthly (6-7 days/week)

Feeding of Owner Prepared Supplements/Grain - $2.00/day; $4.00/day in Pasture; $40.00/Month in Pipe pens

Medication Fee/Dosage $2.50/dose; $4.00/dose in Pasture; medications extra

Blanketing - $3.00/day; $4.00/day in pasture; $75.00 Month in Pens; $100.00/Month Pasture

Hay fee (Oat, Alfalfa, Grass) - $2-3.00/day additional; not available in pasture

Holding/Handling Fee - $25.00/Hour

After Hours Arrival/Departure Fee - $55.00

Boarding Payment Late Fee - $25.00

Horse Trailer Parking $0.00/month – VERY Limited-first come, first served basis (8 spots total available)

Facility Use Fee (Use of Arenas and Track)- $75.00/Month; Must fill out proper liability paperwork at time of payment before use. This is for non-boarders wanting to use the facility.

**All Prices listed are subject to Change**

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